Foster Island

A brief journey through Seattle as a haunted landscape in which the natural world reasserts itself and the only signs of people are the images they have left behind. With an original score by Jeff Greinke. Production was made possible through a grant from 4Culture Seattle.

“A Northwest masterpiece.”
Charles Mudede, The Stranger

“A montage of beautifully stark black-and-white images, ‘Foster Island’ summons to mind the Russian film ‘The Return’ . . . One of the few festival films awake to cinema’s expressive possibilities, ‘Foster Island,’ in just under seven minutes, is magnificent”
N. P. Thompson, Movies into Film

“Plays like the last few minutes of Michelangelo Antonioni’s ‘L’eclisse’ (a series of images haunted by absence).”
Kathy Fennessy, Tablet Magazine

Exhibitions include:
Seattle International Film Festival (premiere)
Northwest Film & Video Festival, Portland, Oregon
1 Reel Film Festival, Seattle
Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, Spokane
Bear Tooth Cinema, Anchorage
Detroit Film Center
Drexel University TV, Philadelphia
NOVAC, New Orleans
Arcade Magazine Launch, 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle
Tochka Cultural Center, Skopje, Macedonia